[Old mansion for sale] 3LDK in Kasugai, Iwanaridai Kita

Features:Completely reformed in July 2020!!
A bright room facing south♪
A comfortable living environment every day!

  • This information is current as of August 28, 2020


Ref. No 10059081046
Property type Old mansion
Price 498 man yen
Brokerage fee 209,400 yen (excluding tax)
Floor plan 3LDK
Location Kasugai, Iwanaridai Kita
Transportation Kouzouji station (Chuohon line) 7 minutes by bus   From bus stop Iwanaridai Kita 1 min. walk
Occupied area 66,63 m2
Other area 16,12 m2 (Balcony)
Management fee 6,400 yen / month
Property rights to land Ownership
Repair fund 13,100 yen / month
Management form Management form: Voluntary management
Management system: Voluntary management 
Status Vacant
Delivery time Negotiable
Structure RC 5/5F
Year built October 1988
Restricted zone Category 1 high and medium building residential zone 
Other restrictions  
Parking lot Available 4000 yen / month
Direction facing  
Facilities Vanity with shower, 3 or more burner stoves, storage space, storage in all living rooms, elevator
Surrounding area    


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