Best Mobile Service for Foreigners

“GTN MOBILE” is ranking number 1 in mobile services specialized for foreigners who stay in or visit Japan for working holidays, studying abroad, and for technical interns.

GTN Mobile can support customers in 6 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Nepali. It is not necessary to speak Japanese! Whether it is a long-term stay or short-term stay, there are appropriate plans for every aspect of foreigners’ lifestyle in Japan.

There are various payment methods: Convenience store payment / Credit card payment / Bank auto withdrawal. Who just have arrived in Japan even without having credit card / Japanese bank account can apply easily!

Simple document screening! No complicated contract or troublesome procedure!

■ No contract period
■ No cancellation fee
■ Multi language support
■ Internet only 3GB 980円~
■ Voice & Internet plan: Free 10-min domestic calls! ※More than 90-day visa is required

Visit here for more details and registration

~Register here

※First you will be connected to a Japanese site, but you can change the language with the language switching button in the upper right.

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